5 Steps to Hire Python Developers

The most inconvenience recruiters is to get talent employees, have a criteria and knowledge to choose the best option, the steps do not depends about a checklist, the experience and a skills can be difference between a success hiring process. It applies for Python developers or any other tech stack

Take note to 5 steps to improve your recruiting journey:

1. Simplification

When you contract to developers, you should have a plan, it is similar as plan vacations, the recruiters have to structure and describe skills of the ideal employee. Measure skills and capabilities and score the candidates and establish the budget to contract, verify the region rates to have the best talent by a excellent price.   

2. Interviews

Just when you speak with someone have a criteria to take a decision, a hiring tips is better have a short phone calls and filter them, the time optimization can improve with filters and tasks, schedule a calendar interviews, assign a time to plan and analyze metrics and scores of the candidates.

3. Checklist 

The most critical part of the hire process is to prove the skills of each developer, an advice is have checklist and send test, quiz or another specifications to prove the knowledge and experience. Please be careful about the selection, I know not all the companies have the same recruiting protocol, but the technical information are universal.

4. Manage task

Is necessary control productivity of the workers, I know that we are not robots, not all people have the same skills and is great, usually have deadline projects and if we do not manage the time efficiently can be affect the operations, productivity and the performance in the company can be affected when the management is disorganized. Define the profile descriptions and the activities to will do, when we define the game rules if perfect to the 2 players and have a fair trade.

5. Market competition 

Not is necessary have the checklist, profiles and budget when you are recruiting, the market want the same resources than you. The offers of HR can difficult the research of the perfect developer for yur company. Compare the rates per state and region and post the vacancies in known social network and websites as LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, etc. Assign a time to get developers, but depends about the competitors are making, the staffing and outsourcing agencies have the big part of the market and difficult get talent. 

I hope you take note about this tips and practice this advice, the hiring process is not easy and depends of numerous factors that maybe we do not have control and can difficult the selection of the best candidate of our organizations, pay attention of your intuition and take the best choice.

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