5 KPIs to Hire Software Engineers That You Should Know

Recruiters and HR people are committing the same wrongs, if not define KPI's metrics and define a hiring plan, maybe your efforts are not have positive results, in business and recruiting the phrase: if you not measure, you do not know how to improve.

Times are changing and get talent is more difficult and the staffing and outsourcing agencies fight to get more qualified employees.

Is important define the plan, companies could be able to collate information and filter data with specifications and profiles skills, evaluate process is necessary to improve weak areas and do not waste efforts and time. While all companies have different contract systems and protocols exist standard steps to be efficient with KPI´s metrics.

1. Effective Channels

Look for talent start with a good hiring sources and channels of communications, the social networks and websites are effective channels to put ads and jobs positions, years ago the newspapers and magazines was channels of communications, not all people had access to this main of communications. Today on internet exist numerous of staffing and outsourcing  websites and vacancies daily. Use this sources to get good talent and check rates and skills of the employees. 

Check geographic info, experience and another relevant info, an advantage of the websites offer data and you can compare with the competitors, analyze this KPI allow interpretation of the profiles and how are companies looking for.

2. Deadline

Establish time lapses to control the hiring process, many staffing companies have deadline and try to improve this times, interviews and contract formalities can affect this lapse, standard process with KPI's and use CRM and another technological tools and use checklist and schedule task and have time to filter more candidates. 

Deadline is important?

Companies everyday are recruiting worldwide, market needs change in a second, look for talent is more easy and technology improve this efficiently. 

3. Cost 

Have knowledge about target market and rates per employees can benefits  the hiring process, obviously hire employees is necessary have money and a budget. search on internet rates per developer and region, the recruiting fees change per region and industry. take note about what is the expensive rate that you can pay. Have in minds the taxes and another assets about hiring with a excellent price.

4. Application Rate

Is difficult offer a job position is do not choices, if have 200 applicants and the hiring funnel just have 5 in the final of this funnel, maybe the process not are working. Channels of communications not are effective, job description or budget are wrong.

Identify what factor is affecting the application of this job position, a lot companies offer bonus to referral developers, this not convenience because people refer whatever software developer and get the bonus.

Control the job application KPI can be result in the key hiring process, if this possible use social networks and ads to improve the results

5. Formalities

Establish contract basis and term conditions, a lot companies define a non-disclosure agreement to continue with hiring process, prevents information leaks and guarantee a formal position, formalities and contracts allow establish the rules of the game.

Nowadays companies encourage WFH and leadership in the organizations, but not all companies are agree about this benefits. Have idea about the companies rule can be easier the relationship between the employees.

Control this KPI's and have success hiring process

If you do not identify what is failing, maybe commit the same wrong, look for strategies to automatize the hiring process, business depends of the best talent to still working and improve. Monitoring all this KPI's and change to improve.

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