Outsourcing Agencies: Pros and Cons

Human resources in numerous companies are the principal problem, the hiring process can be a headache because  workers profiles not are most indicated usually for job position, exist a department in bigger companies just for recruitment and selection of personal, HR can be automatize with a staffing, outsourcing or freelance companies.

Depending on the size of the companies, management can be complicated, is not the same to manage 10 or 500 employees, the difference consists in the management and criteria to measure productivity of t workers, the technology can be easier the journey with CRM specialized in management, productivity, communication, workflow, logistics, etc.

Identify what is the pain of the company is facing, look always an easy way to solve them, sometimes is a good option to contract an external solution as a freelance or staffing agency.

What characteristics I should know for choose a Outsourcing Agency?

Cost per Hire 

The majority of this agencies have expensive rates, the hiring process is so fast, but the participation of clients and personal selection is not correct, because this kind of companies outsource all the services, communication is deficient and delivery times are late.The budget can be affected with the staffing agencies because they charge a commission percent per worker.


Maybe the decision makers do not have idea of  this aspect as consideration to contract this service, but  culturecan be against factor to the working relationship because the interaction with another lifestyles, behaviors and beliefs a long term can interference or communication.


Confidence is the only way to build a long relationship with clients, building of this relation can be destroyed for numerous reasons in just a second, transmitting credibility depends on reputation, honesty, responsibility, etc. Establish commercial objectives can improve the credibility with clients, the reputation is a process and the companies appreciate this.

What is the best option?

Determinate which agency is the most indicated to the next big step because a lot companies offer the same services, the competition between companies is fierce, describe the metrics to prove the best companies quality and reputation. Agencies are categorized by niches depending on the request of the contractor, the most common and used by the big companies are the staffing and outsourcing agencies and benefits of contract this services can reduce the operation cost, payroll, resources, taxes and energy.

Management is the difficult part because the workers are hiring and managed by another company.

Look for a good reputation outsourcing agencies, search in Google about their content and last clients, if you want to know more about information visit our website https://4geeks.io/teams