Save 55% by Hiring Software Teams in Latin America

Some companies and startups are planning to hire software engineers. The hire process is so difficult nowadays, an advice is optimization of hiring process with agencies or freelances resources, balance the benefits and strengths when outsource services, analyze the benefits and focus your talent in another challenges.

Outsourcing services is an option to get trained talent and an excellent price, difference with nearshore and another kind of services is manage time and tasks, key benefits of the nearshore are have a team reducing operating cost, taxes, payroll and bonus. By the other side the offshore can difficult the deadline, the culture and time zone can be an interference the relationship with clients.

Language in the nearshore companies improve the relationship with clients and reduce the border between cultures, an  example are Latin America countries that improve communications than Asian countries, US companies are contracting nearshore companies to manage their employees in another regions a take this smalls specification in consideration, for example: Amazon, IBM, Sykes, Microsoft, etc.

How to save 55% on operations cost by hiring remote teams?

Taxes and payroll are two of the operative problems that are facing big companies in the US, for this reason the outsourcing and staffing services are an option to improve ROI. business works by results and money, if companies can reduce this expenses could invest efforts to get more clients and automatize process.

Why can you save 55%?

Technical worker's salaries per year and per developer is around $100K - $150K in the US. Outsourcing that services can reduce this rates to $65K per year or less, most common outsourcing services are in Asia, but the deficient work and culture difficult a correct communication.

Latin American countries are improving and focus the attention of the US and European countries offering trained staff, knowing about different languages and are adapted to the culture.

Staffing software engineer works as a auction services, companies offer and resell talent to another companies that are needing for talent, the expensive prices and the not qualified talent are part of  this problems, usually staffing companies have partnership with small agencies and recruit talent not based in a real hiring program.

Look for an outsourcing or staffing agency is not an easy step, analyze the pros and cons of each option and choose based in the reputation, recommendations, rates and experience of the companies.

If you want more info on how to save 55% of operations cost, please check this website for more details