[SOLVED] My Team is Working in Different Time-Zones, I Can't Progress Anymore.

I know tons of startup founders, product managers and decision makers who come to me and say me: "Hey Allan, my team is working in different time-zones, I can't progress anymore. I need to change my software development team... I can't keep meeting at nights only".

This is very common issue what clients comes to 4Geeks.

I'm assuming your current provider, software developers and consultants are located in Asia or Europe. That's OK, but your product need a robust vision, leadership, communication, and team collaboration. If your ideas are not well received, your product won't scale.

Planning success is not an easy task. I really know how frustrating could be to move task to "backlog" column and see how weeks moves on.... over and over.

You're not alone. In this blog post I will provide you exactly answers and options I advise our more important clients. I want to be 100% transparent with you.

Speed is key to success. Are you with me? Great. Calendar is your boss.

Solution #1: Hire workers in your same time-zone.

This is number one solution that 4Geeks new client take, because they want to manage and control every single business process, including designing, building and production.

Some countries like Mexico, Costa Rica or Colombia have very cost effective software developers you may want to hire, working in your same time-zone. They are very talented, good communication skills, excellent English.

Normally before to hire a consultant you can meet them. This can help you to robust screening process.

Some time ago we launched 4Geeks Teams, a platform to hire software engineers on-demand in Latin America. You can try to hire a small team to start, in less than 72 hours. Any level: junior, mid or senior.

Pricing is very similar to Asian or Europe software developers. For example, hiring 4Geeks engineers hourly rate start at $35 USD.

Solution #2: Outsource your entire product development.

Product development cycle is complex. Listen to this podcast episode, to understand the key points of product development cycle, including Brainstorming, UX, MVP, UI, Coding, Testing and Product Release.

Outsource your entire product development is a good solution, focused on early stage products that still are finding ways to rise money from investors or focused on small/medium products built for specific functions.

Luckily 4Geeks can also help with this. Contact us to learn more about your needs, goals and product.

We have a software delivery office in the beautiful Costa Rica, 3-4 hours from most important US cities.

Solution #3: Move to Asia :)

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Look why 4Geeks (with offices in USA & Latin America) is different to Asian-based companies. This is the best resource to understand the real difference between 4Geeks and companies based in Asia or Europe (other locations, too).

Feel free to comment below if you need future helping to make a good decision.