How are Workplaces Changing for Millennials?

Workplace is changing in a tech era, people prefer a good environment and new home at the office. Employees usually have busy home and business lifestyle, balancing the opposing forces of career progression with those of both child and elderly care. Nowadays people have other activities to get balance as a stressful lifestyle and workdays between traffic and people using smartphone as a magical solutions as perfect life stereotypes.

Technology is a good form to improve work environment with communication channel, productivity CRM, etc. At the heart of this rapid change is technology: a double-edged sword that makes carrying out many tasks quicker and easier, while blurring the boundaries between work and leisure more than ever.

4Geeks Teams are making a difference with remote teams on-demand.Businesses have to adapt a new workplace in the future, people do not like have a borders and rules, if companies encourage a personal environment with open areas for people that prefer interaction between employees or other persons that prefer a private area as a cubicle.

How Workplaces should change in Future?

We are in a changing era and companies are adapting so faster, this is ok because the work rules are for workers now, people now are looking for new alternatives to explore and have new experiences,  digital nomad are increasing for the next 10 years, an advantage of this changes is fast adapting of companies reducing workdays or get more talent in specific solution.

People now are more informed and connected with social media in live, news and events are more near of people and is this new era all are influencers, people have voice and can comment in specifics forum or spaces about a interested topic. A disadvantage of global world is about physical interaction and communication face to face is low and are decreasing with the past of years, now people have more time in a laptop or in a smartphone avoiding a real world or interacting just in a screen.

Workplaces now are adapted depending the need of people, people always are adapting to new environment, Evolution Theory of Einstein explain about evolution of people creating new spaces, usually exist just 2  ways to immortality the first one is about evolution and the second is simply death, depending just about people decision can have a difference.

Companies have to visualize a tech era introducing new work spaces and encouraging a community environment to improve productivity and reducing stress and anxiety in workplace, many companies are implementing medical centers, physiotherapy and Gym center as an alternative spaces for employees.

Open Office vs Cubicles

Recently our team write a blog about big difference between open spaces and cubicles depending X Factors, usually people that work in big companies use cubicle to maximize space and mid size or small companies are interested to improve cultural company values as a family. 

Taking note about last blog exist key factors that depends success of a workplaces and companies should to know and use this elements to improve culture fit.


When exist people are talking, phone calls or meetings in the same area usually employees not are focus in specifics tasks or activities, open office can affect productivity and concentration of employees, because usually take attention to smalls things and talk constantly about vacations, weekend activities or irrelevant information in the work space. 


Usually in cubicles employees have a familiar areas because is a personal area to improve workdays, people have in their spaces familiar photos, souvenirs about last vacations or simply flowers ot notes to have a good environment. Open office not have this alternative to employees reducing personal space and privacy is not possible in open spaces, companies should to adapt spaces depending needs of employees. 


Culture is a positive factor with open spaces, people have the need of communication and interaction, companies culture improve with a good environment between employees inclusive with freelance or remote teams, nowadays people have interaction with social media and apps to connect with new people, companies are using this tools with internal groups in specifics hobbies and activities inside companies.

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