Liberty Costa Rica Takes Lead in 5G Race with Tests in San José and Heredia

Liberty Costa Rica Takes Lead in 5G Race with Tests in San José and Heredia
Photo by RP M / Unsplash

San José, Costa Rica – May 22, 2024 – Liberty Costa Rica has taken a significant step towards bringing next-generation connectivity to the country by initiating 5G network trials in key areas. The tests, which began this week, mark the first instance of a private operator deploying 5G technology in Costa Rica.

The initial phase focuses on the bustling center of San José, the capital city. Here, Liberty is testing the network’s capabilities in high-traffic zones, aiming to assess its performance in dense urban environments. Additionally, the trials extend to the prestigious Universidad Latina de Costa Rica and the prominent Ultrapark Dos free trade zone in the province of Heredia. This demonstrates Liberty’s commitment to fostering innovation and economic growth through enhanced connectivity for educational institutions and businesses.

According to a statement released by Liberty Costa Rica, 17 additional sites are poised for inclusion in the testing phase,pending authorization from the executive branch. The company’s ambitious plans encompass a total of 34 5G sites,strategically positioned to cover crucial areas throughout the capital. These include the popular Paseo Colón thoroughfare,the sprawling La Sabana park, the iconic Nacional and Ricardo Saprissa stadiums, and the expansive Parque Viva event center.

The trials utilize the 100MHz frequency band within the 3.5GHz spectrum, granted with a temporary allocation specifically for testing purposes. Liberty has also submitted a separate request in August 2023, seeking permanent authorization for the use of this spectrum band.

The testing period will serve a dual purpose. Liberty engineers will meticulously evaluate the network’s performance,analyzing factors like speed, latency, and stability. Furthermore, the company plans to establish a dedicated demonstration space within one of its stores, showcasing the potential of 5G technology to customers and businesses alike.

By taking the initiative in 5G trials, Liberty Costa Rica positions itself as a frontrunner in ushering in a new era of connectivity for the nation. This technology holds the promise of revolutionizing various sectors, from education and healthcare to manufacturing and entertainment. The successful implementation of 5G nationwide could significantly enhance Costa Rica’s digital infrastructure, fostering innovation and propelling the country towards a more technologically advanced future.