Rep. María Elvira Salazar Advocates for Argentina and Paraguay’s Inclusion in Key U.S. Latin America Initiative

Rep. María Elvira Salazar Advocates for Argentina and Paraguay’s Inclusion in Key U.S. Latin America Initiative
Photo by Fermin Rodriguez Penelas / Unsplash

San Jose, Costa Rica – In a recent push to bolster U.S. engagement in Latin America, U.S. Representative María Elvira Salazar (R-FL) has called on the Biden administration to include Argentina and Paraguay in the Americas Partnership for Economic Prosperity (APEP). Highlighting the significant political and economic transformations underway in these nations, Rep. Salazar argues that their inclusion is crucial for the success of the initiative.

In a letter dated May 21 to President Joe Biden, Salazar emphasized the pro-freedom agenda of Argentine President Javier Milei. "Today, in Latin America, there is no president with a more pro-freedom agenda than President Javier Milei. President Milei is working to turn around years of economic failure in a country with tremendous but wasted potential," she wrote. Salazar underscored Milei's efforts to combat inflation and reverse decades of socialist policies, suggesting that Argentina's partnership with the U.S. could be pivotal in this challenging period.

Salazar also highlighted the importance of Paraguay as a steadfast ally of the United States. Including both Argentina and Paraguay in APEP, she argued, would enhance the partnership's potential and strengthen regional ties. "President Biden, please do what is right and include Argentina and Paraguay in APEP with the rest of the United States’ best partners in the region," she urged.

The congresswoman’s advocacy for these nations aligns with her broader legislative efforts to deepen U.S. ties within the Western Hemisphere. On March 6, she sponsored the bipartisan Americas Act, H.R. 7571, alongside U.S. Representative Adriano Espaillat (D-NY). This proposed legislation aims to establish a comprehensive regional trade and investment partnership, modeled after the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, to stimulate economic growth and integration across Latin America.

H.R. 7571 is currently under review by several congressional committees. If enacted, it would extend the benefits of the existing North American trade agreement to additional countries in the region that share U.S. values and economic goals, fostering long-term, private-sector development.

Salazar's initiatives reflect a strategic effort to strengthen economic and diplomatic ties in Latin America, positioning the U.S. as a supportive ally to nations embracing pro-democracy and market-oriented reforms. The inclusion of Argentina and Paraguay in APEP, she believes, is a vital step toward achieving a prosperous and interconnected hemisphere.