Is Work From Home an Employer Branding Strategy?

An exciting way to attract talent is when your job description appear the title work from home, there is a reason for now in this times candidates are preferring remote positions, traffic and weak early are part inconveniences.

Think about stress and anxiety you can avoid morning routine and is important considered productivity having a few extra hours and work from home can improve integral environment and reduce operative cost for companies.

Common problems going to an office are traffic, work environment, transportation, etc. When companies detected a low productivity of their employees a good option are remote position. Technology improve communication and logistic inclusive monitoring productivity.

Employer can improving the way of recruiter are hiring talent, as today companies are experimenting how adapt remote position in different areas are opening work-from-home depending nature or job position because is obviously that a hospital nurse can not work from home.

A problem of remote position is standard protocols or manual to solve common problems in the case of freelance or outsourcing services.

Companies now do not wait 30 to 90 days to hire a good candidate in a specific region competing with similar industries, rates and time is principal obstacle and biggest companies are open to accept talent in all country or worldwide, a benefit of this company strategy is improve deadline however an inconvenience is about market react as offer and demand strategy increasing rates and availability of talent.

Retainer talent today is so complicated not depends about companies effort or rates depends about culture fit and benefits as bonus, commissions or simply more free extra hours. Candidates today are more informed and social media can affect a false employer branding with false bonus or job conditions just to get talent. Be careful about your promises and how companies are using marketing to diffuse company content.

What are benefits of remote jobs?

Some of top companies are joining remote jobs trend, a simply reason is retainer and securing talent as a partner including a familiar branding that can allow flexible time and a secure payment, nowadays candidates look for freedom and do not feel that are depending of their jobs. Companies have to improve their life reducing common obstacles of traditional ways to do the things.

Save time

Time is gold, if we do not appreciate time of other persons and share time with families and friends increasing free time and productivity, work-from-home increase digital nomad and improve quality life, now workers not are thinking in enjoy retirement are looking for adventure and action, companies should adapt to this needs, saving time for companies can improve marketing, sales or scaling process. Nowadays time management is part of our life and companies are open to change and leader the market.

Reduce Stress

Traffic and weak early ate common things that people hate to go at office, adapt to work environment maybe is difficult because there are different personalities, lifestyle, cultures, beliefs, etc. Not all people share different points of views, this situations occasionally produce small inconveniences, management a staff is complicated maybe not all persons resist a daily routine and work from home can solve this problems. 

Interaction between person is a common practice but with technology advantage many people are connected by phone or computer, work from home is perfect to people that  prefer stay at home with family or are digital nomad and travel around world. 

Happy Workers

When companies offer bonus or work conditions more candidates become in followers of company branding, become happy worker depends about level of freedom and compromise of their collaborators, just identifying common employees concerns and look for a way to solve them. Happy workers are thinking in your company benefits if this company care of their employees.

Most people would agree that the pursuit of happiness is a worthwhile endeavor and that positive emotions make life easier and more manageable. Yet when it comes to the business world, many owners and managers tend to ignore the employee's emotions and morale. Business leaders can boost employee satisfaction and productivity by creating and promoting a company culture that values a positive work environment and gives employees the opportunity to feel connected and appreciated.

Familiar Environment

When you share with family or people feel that stay in a familiar environment the emotions and attitudes can reflect a productivity and emotional satisfaction, majority of people that share in college or work environment improve soft skills and communication, however not can adapt or prefer stay alone, companies should offer different possibilities depending employee's personalities and preferences. A lot of people prefer work-from-home, other prefer go at office and this ok depending each one. But is important offer a familiar environment with a good communication channel and participation of remote workers in companies activities. 

Your Office is in Anywhere 

A real advantage of work from home is work in whatever place, digital nomads work in hotel or  airport inclusive in mountain and beaches, manage time efficiently or simply using week days to have familiar time is a great benefits of remote workers, many workers prefer work at a cafeteria or coworking spaces maybe to do networking and make collaborative projects. When y people not have border or indications everyday the ideas and projects flow, routine is a natural disaster thinking about traffic of what to wear every morning. 

Undoubtedly work from home present an advantage for companies and employees, saving time and resources we can improve results and get more integral benefits, quality life and performance, use time correctly and get a balance between personal and labor life.

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